Matt Colman Close Up Table Magician

Corporate Magician Manchester

Magic Hospitality specialist, providing close up table magic at everything from VIP Events, Celebrity Events, Trade Shows, Exhibitions (Expos), Openings, Product Launches, Office Parties, Christmas Parties, Conferences, Corporate Boxes, Conventions, Dinners, Receptions, Galas and more...

Matt Colman has flown all over the world to provide premium quality magic entertainment for companies and corporations:

Barclays, Best Western, Coca-Cola, Disney, First Choice, House Of Illusion, Illusions Magic Bar, ITV, Jaguar, University of ManChester, Thomas Cook, TUI, University of Manchester, Vitalize and Volvo and many more.

Providing top corporate entertainment and trade show magic for clients, future clients, colleagues and staff in Manchester. Whether you're having a staff party, such as a Christmas (/Xmas ) party, product launch, opening, dinner, ball, want to create business leads or to simply raise brand awareness, Close up Magician Matt Colman provides high end magic that will boost the atmosphere and break the ice with claps, laughs and sheer amazement. Matt offers the "WOW Factor" that many magicians fail to produce.

Matt is a premium quality sleight of hand magician, table magician, close up magician and cabaret magician available to hire for your next corporate event.

Trade show / Exhibition Magician Manchester

Tradeshow Magician Matt Colman

Where most magicians only know Magic, Matt Colman Knows Business too...

Direct MORE traffic to your trade show stand with Matt Colman Magician. Matt does not just provide trade show entertainment with Magic, but also delivers your company message and products with magic and humour, leaving a long lasting impression with your future clients. Weaving your company message and image beautifully into his presentations, or providing expert magical hospitality, contact Matt to see how he can provide the services you need.

Matt Colman’s close up magic and table magic is surpassed by very few. With over fifteen years of experience; he’s a sure fire success in any situation. As one of the countries leading close up and table magicians, he’s developed a style that not only expertly impresses, amazes and amuses, but at the same time delivers important key points about your business or product, his magic can generate more leads for your business.

Matt has worked for some of the worlds biggest companies to provide to corporate magic entertainment. Contact Matt to discuss how he had help you to create more business - by magic.

A good trade show magician can be worth his weight in gold to any business, whether you want to raise awareness for your business or product, or to use Matt to create more leads, by using his system we guarantee you to at least double client interest.

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Matt Colman has over 15 years of experience and a very impressive resume, click on contact here for booking information and availability to hire Matt.