Mind Reader England - Cabaret and After Dinner Show

Mind Reader - Cabaret Stage Show

Mind Reading, Mindreader, Mind Reader, Mentalist, psychological illusions (/illusionist), psychological magic...how ever you want to spell it or say it, its one of the most impressive forms of Live Entertainment Available.

Mind Reader Matt Colman is a specialist in Corporate Mind Reading Shows for conferences, after dinner entertainment and trade shows /expos. Matt is also available to hire as Mind Reader for Weddings and private functions.

Call it mind reading, gut instinct, intuition or psychic ability - in reality it's the ability to read people. Matt Colman is an expert at reading people like a book. He demonstrates the use of psychological gambits to cunningly create influence and suggestion, and using his fine tuned reading and observational skills divines thought of names, places, words, objects, drawings and more, in a highly entertaining cabaret show. Is it possible to predict human behavior? Find out as Matt takes these skills further and makes predictions before and during the show in real-time, which are shown & read-out-loud to inexplicably correctly predict events and choices in the show with fine precision.


A perfect choice for After Dinner Entertainment - Mind Reader Matt Colman plucks the thoughts from random guests in the audience. With a great deal of audience interaction and involvement– this show will captivate everyone. Although this show, much like Matt's close-up magic is aimed primarily at adults it is family friendly.

Matt's show works just as well on the biggest of stages to a more intimate setting.

Booking the mind-reading as an after the meal show, with pre-show table or close up magic is a great way to round off the evening.


Matt Colman's Mind Reading Performances usually last for 45 minutes, however it can be shortened for smaller dynamic presentations